How we skyrocketed James Legal's Conversion by 900%

James Legal is a Solicitor company near the Shape it office. They were having difficulty getting conversions from their Google Ads. With a new landing page and Google Ads optimisation, we helped them increase conversions by 900%

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James Legal contacted us after attempting to run Google advertisements themselves directing visitors that clicked on the ad to their own website, spending their marketing budget and getting little to no return, averaging only two conversions per month.

How we approached it

Jake, CEO of Shape it, organised a quick 15-minute demo call with their managing director to discuss and understand their business, how it operates, and how we can help them.

After the call, we had a much better understanding of James Legal needs and how we can provide help.

This was the plan:

  • Create a highly convertible landing page
  • Separate Campaigns into broad and specific ad groups
  • Target highly searched for keywords
  • Use URL parameters to hyper focus each ad
  • Track data & optimise landing page created by us
  •  A/B test landing page layouts and landing page copy

The Results

Return on ad spend

2062% ROAS

Conversion value of online advertising

900% Conversion Increase

Impressions of Online advertising

10,000 Impressions

Clicks CTR

1000 Clicks


Never underestimate the importance of a well-planned landing page. Platforms such as Google can assign a poor quality score to a lousy landing page, significantly impacting the performance of your campaign. This is why having a landing page with the primary goal of converting visitors is critical and can make or break your campaign.

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