How we made Browns Books £230,000 in 3 Months

We helped one of the UK’s largest book wholesalers gain an additional £230,000 In Three Months

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Browns Books approached us and asked for assistance with their Google Shopping feeds and campaigns. This was not a simple process with a product feed including over 50,000 products.

They had never used Google advertising before and intended to focus on developing a B2C audience because they had previously solely wholesaled to education systems such as schools.

How we approached it

Before saying yes, Jake, our CEO, organised a quick 15-minute demo call with their marketing director to discuss and understand their business, how it operates, and how we can help them.

After the call we made had a much better understanding of Browns Books needs and how we can provide help.

This was the plan:

  • Import product feed
  • Create a broad Google shopping feed (All Products)
  • Create a targeted Google shopping feed (Best selling)
  • Create a retarget audience
  • Optimise product titles & Google Shopping Categories
  •  A/B test to find a killer bidding strategy

The Results

Over three months we generated them an additional £230,000 spending only £6000. 

Return on ad spend

3833% ROAS

Conversion value of online advertising

230K Conversion Value

Impressions of Online advertising

5 Million Impressions

Clicks CTR

55,000 Clicks


Overall we would call this a successful campaign and you can definitely imagine the smiles we received from Browns Books themselves. 

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