Why You NEED a Good Landing Page For Your Ads

Many businesses underestimate the importance of a landing page in the success of an online advertising campaign, and even more fail to produce a well-designed and optimised page to maximise the likelihood of a user converting and getting the most out of your budget.

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What is a Landing Page?

What exactly is a landing page? In simple terms a landing page is essentially a dedicated page on a website that a visitor arrives at directly from an external source, such as a paid advertisement from Google or Facebook. Its main objective is to engage with a user, earn their trust, and persuade them to convert, buying your product or becoming a lead. 

Unlike web pages, which often have multiple objectives and encourage exploration to other parts of your website, landing pages have a single purpose or goal, which is to convert the user that visits it. Because of this focus, landing pages are the ideal option for boosting the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and minimising the cost of generating a lead or purchase.


Why You Need a Highly Convertible Landing Page

But why do I need a good landing page?

Well, the landing page is one of the most important and most overlooked factors when it comes to creating a successful online advertising campaign. Of course, there are many other factors that go into it which is why online advertising is not commonly done right, especially when you’re not an expert. If you’re running Google Ads, a landing page is crucial to your campaign’s success as Google have a system in place called the “Google Quality Score”. This system evaluates your landing page and gives it a quality score out of 10 based on relevancy, keywords, best practices & optimisation.¬†

This will have a significant impact on your Ad Rank, as well as your CPC (Cost per click) price and top of page ad position. Your Google Ads will appear less frequently if your landing page is poorly designed and not optimised for your specific campaign. The bottom line is that no matter how much money you spend on Google Ads, if your landing page does not meet the expectations of your users, you should not expect to see profitable results.

Because businesses don’t optimise their landing page, a lot of businesses waste their PPC budgets and¬†97% of PPC ads get clicked but don‚Äôt have any conversions to show for it.¬†If you’re already running Google Ads and not getting results, this is most likely one of the reasons. Schedule a quick call with us to see how our agency can help you achieve results.

5 Best Practices For Your Landing Pages

So, how can you avoid getting a low Google quality score?

There are a few best practices that every business should be doing in 2022. However, I still commonly come across very poorly designed and structured landing pages daily. Here is how you can avoid it:

Best Practices
  • Make Your Landing Page Relevant to the Users’ exact needs
  • Use Keywords from your Google Ad campaign in your landing page copy
  • Heavily optimise for mobile devices
  • CTAs (Call To Action) People are lazy they won’t buy your product unless you prompt them to
  • Remove¬†ALL navigation to get to other pages on your website
Bonus Techniques
  • URL Parameters
  • Exciting and Refreshing Landing Page Copy
  • Make Your Google Ad Copy Relevant to Your Landing Page
  • Create Trust and Credibility
All of these help increase not only your Google Quality Score but also the users trust and likely hood of converting. If you need help creating a well designed and optimised landing page for your online advertising then organise a quick call with us today!

Key Takeaways

A well-designed and optimised landing page is only one of many important factors that go into making a successful and profitable online advertising campaign. As said earlier in the blog, no matter how much money you spend on your Facebook or Google ad, if you don’t have these best practices & techniques for your landing page, it simply will not perform as well as a business that does have a fantastic landing page.

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