Why Social Media Advertising is SO IMPORTANT in 2022

Since Covid-19, businesses all around the world have recognised the actual power and potential of Social Media Advertising. Still not using it in 2022?  Or are you frustrated by the lack of results you are seeing? Read this blog to learn why social media advertising is SO IMPORTANT in 2022.

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Why Social Media Ads Are So IMPORTANT in 2022

Why is Social Media Advertising so Important?

Since 2019, social media advertising has essentially become a staple for marketing strategies across small and large businesses. This ultimately involves running paid ads on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok. In 2022, paid social media advertising is at an all-time high seeing massive gains in ROI with little to no downsides. As of today, 4.62 billion people around the world use social media daily. To put it into perspective, that is more than half of the world at just under 60%. However, the pace at which new social media network platforms are being adapted will undoubtedly cause this number to rise in the following years. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to step up their game and utilise this to their advantage and take their business to the next level.

So, what does this mean? In essence, the rising of new platforms is often a perfect opportunity to get a head start and beat your competitors, as there is less competition with paid social media advertising.  A prime example is TikTok, which I’m sure you’re familiar with, an app that has managed to hoist itself to one of the most used apps daily, with 30.8 million active users every day – and that’s via iOS only!

Which Platform Should You Pick?

Now which is the best platform to choose in 2022?

Well, all of them! You should never only advertise on one platform or channel; you need several channels to achieve results like cold outreach, retargeting, and utilising features like LAL (Look A Like) audiences to truly get your service or product everywhere. You want to keep reminding your target audience that you are there every time they open Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, until one day they decide to reward themselves and purchase your product or service. This is what truly distinguishes businesses and why you should use a powerful source of advertising such as social media.

Not only is there a lot of traffic on social media, but your company can run video advertisements instead of standard social media posts, since viewers react more to video advertising. Target customers can be reached even faster, making Social Media Advertising an ideal starting point for fast-growing businesses looking to expand and scale their audiences. The industry’s constant changes are what make it so exciting to work in, because businesses must constantly innovate their strategy in reaction to developments in social media platforms and changes in user behaviour. A successful business is one that is willing to adapt to changes and move with the times of social media.

TikTok, as a B2C social platform, is perfect for eCommerce and product-based businesses. I personally do not recommend selling business services on TikTok; however, this is where sites like Facebook can truly shine and offer service-based products such as paid courses or a cheeky weekend getaway. In a brief 15-minute demo call, we can discuss the best angle and strategy for advertising your business

Social Media Industry Changes

If you weren’t already aware, there have been recent changes in the industry that could change the role of paid social media advertising in the future. Apple users were issued with Apple’s iOS 15 update, which was rolled out in April 2021, giving its users the option to opt out of being tracked by apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Driven by the need for privacy, around 80% of iOS users have naturally chosen to opt out, ultimately putting control back into their hands and forcing companies to re-evaluate their marketing strategies. However, this is not to say that paid social will not remain an effective way of advertising. It is now a matter of companies having to offer something of genuine value to users in return for their information, as data collection will be transparent. Studies have shown that people form stronger relationships with brands that are authentic in their marketing, which is what will set a company apart from their competitors.

It is critical that you or your business are aware of these changes since they can have a significant impact on the data displayed by platforms such as Facebook when attempting to optimise your campaign. When you look at a campaign’s data, you will be seeing the MINIMUM number of conversions/purchases, especially if you are a B2C business selling 1000s or even 10,000s of products every month. With 1.32 billion users unable to be tracked as a result of Apple’s iOS 15 update, you can start to see how this can effect the true data being shown.

Key Takeaways

For as long as marketers provide clear value and sincerity to their users, paid social will continue to remain a high-performance marketing strategy in 2022 and ALL businesses should be using it to their advantage. The world of marketing is changing as we know it and if you’re not using Online advertising whether this is Social Media Advertising or PPC advertising, then in the next coming years your business is going to be heavily affected if not completely destroyed by your competitors.

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