How to Get the Most Out of YOUR PCC Ads in 2022

Struggling to get results from your PPC & Google Ad campaigns? Below we will talk about our agency’s Top 5 Tips on how to get the most out of your PPC ads in 2022. Alternatively, you can also arrange a quick call and let us take care of it all for you & get £400 FREE Ad credit. Letting you focus on what your business needs!

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What is PPC Advertising?

PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click, an online marketing technique in which advertisers pay a charge each time one of their ads is clicked. unlike other methods of advertising like Facebook where they charge per 1000 impressions (CPM). It is essentially a method of buying visitors to your website rather than attempting to “earn” those hits organically.

One of the most common types of PPC is Google Ads (Search engine marketing). It enables marketers like ourselves to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s page when a customer searches for a term related to what their business provides. For example, if we create a campaign and one of our keywords are “PPC Advertising Agency” our ad may appear towards the top of the Google results page.


Top 5 Tips to Get the Most From Your PPC Ads

Because of the numerous options to optimise and adjust your campaign, PPC advertising is one of the most advanced ways to promote your business online. There are several aspects involved, which is why it is difficult to perfect and requires years of practise to become truly proficient. The average person often struggles to see results from a Google Ads campaign, which is why they normally collaborate with our agency to help them set it up and get it right the first time, saving you a lot of time and money.

Here are our Top 5 Tips on how to improve your Google or PPC campaign:



1. Don’t Be Lazy With Your Copy

Businesses always overlook how important good copy can truly be to your campaign’s success. Think of it this way, If your Google Ad has really good copy that people can relate to or it solves a specific need then people are more inclined to share an ad with their friends and family if they can connect to it and find the copy compelling. This is essentially free advertising that will skyrocket performance of you PPC ad even further. Copy also has a direct impact on your brand. Most businesses’ ads are so tacky and cringe-worthy that it has a significant influence on their potential clients. It’s unimaginative, uninteresting, and just downright awful!


2. Create a Highly Convertible Landing Page

Creating a highly convertible landing page is possibly one of the most important aspects in your PPC & Google Ads marketing. This is because Google has a system in place called the “Google Quality Score” which evaluates your landing page and scores it out of 10. If it is on the lower side your CPC (Cost per click) will be substantially more as your ads will be shown less frequently because Google does not think your landing page is relevant to what the user is searching for. We go into more detail about this in one of our other blogs: Why You NEED a Good Landing Page. 



3. Set It Up for Success From the START

What do we mean by set it up for success from the start, that seems pretty obvious right? Well the matter of fact is that people create the campaign with no future in mind. The campaign structure is a disaster, and optimising it is a nightmare. Arrange your campaign into separate ad groups that target specific aspects of your campaign’s focus. For instance, our agency could launch a Google ad campaign for the topic “Online Marketing Agency.” We would then divide it into ad groups that target different aspects of our agency’s services, such as “Social Media Advertising Advertising Agency,” “Google Advertising Agency,” and “Web Design & eCommerce Agency.” Each ad group would have its own keywords with its own ad to really target the user’s specific need and search intent.



4. Keyword Research & Negative Keywords

Many businesses create their campaigns based on what THEY believe people will search for rather than using Google’s free Keyword planning tool. This provides you with precise data on search volume numbers for your keywords. It also makes extra suggestions based on your keywords and what it believes would complement them, increasing total search volume and traffic if you chose to include them. Google Keyword Planner is a very powerful tool that I don’t see businesses using enough. Best of all, it’s completely free!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, negative keywords are a great way to optimise your campaign and get rid of any search terms and keywords your business does not want to appear for. For example, Our agency ranks for the keyword “Online advertising agency” other search terms like “Online advertising course” we do not want to appear for. So we can create a negative keyword list and put the word “course” as a negative keyword removing us from any search term that includes the word “course” in it. You can keep adding to your negative keyword list and really streamline what your ads show and don’t show for.


5. Conversion Tracking

When we take over a business’s Google Ads account, we frequently find that conversion tracking is either not set up or is set up incorrectly. This is one of the most significant aspects of your online marketing campaign. It is the most valuable data because all your business wants is for customers to see your website and convert, which creates an amazing way to optimise your campaign. It also enables Google’s machine learning to determine which types of people are most likely to convert based on Demographics and Interests, and if you have enough conversion data, you can optimise your campaign by changing the bidding strategy to Maximise Conversions. Without Conversion tracking set up properly this will not be possible and your business and Google have no idea how the campaign is going.


Key Takeaways

Being completely transparent, PPC & Google advertising is hard. Not everyone has the time it takes to learn and master the techniques of PPC Advertising especially because of how diverse it is, constantly changing year on year, month on month. The tips above are only 5 of many aspects & factors that go into the process of creating a successful PPC & Google ad campaign. Our Online Advertising Agency specialises in PPC & Google ads and we would love to help your business get the results through it. If you start today with is we can offer a FREE £400 in Google ad credit.

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